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Adidas Adizero RS7 Pro XTRX SG 4.0 Blue/White Rugby Boots Shoes

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Product Description

The new Adizero RS7 Pro is the lightest boot in it’s class. Designed to outpace the opposition, the new sprint frame is light, soft, and comfortable. It’s design makes it ideal for backline excellence. It features a 5mm heel raise for dynamic foot position while running, as well as a rubberized print cover at the contact point on the top of the boot for improved kick control.


  • Newly engineered super-soft upper and softer lining for ultimate comfort.
  • Rubberised print at the contact point on top the boot for improved kick control.
  • Features the adidas TPU frame with a 5mm heel wedge to improve foot position for faster acceleration.
  • Comes with cleat tool (see pictures)


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